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Our Team

An experienced and dedicated team that focuses on quality.

Les Constructions G. Gagné inc. is a professional and dynamic team acting as general contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Whether its a new construction, renovations, or an expansion of an existing property, there are no limits for our team.

Our passion of construction is transmitted in the precision and execution of our work.

Guillaume Gagné
Président / poste 205
[email protected]
Mélanie Giroux
Coordonnatrice de projets / poste 202
[email protected]
Benjamin Forgues
Directeur de projets /p.205
[email protected]
Nathalie Erazola
Adj. Administrative / Comptabilité / poste 201
[email protected]
Sophie Giroux
Coordonnatrice de projets / Estimatrice / poste 204
[email protected]