When we used your services, we were impressed with your expertise and the experience that you demonstrated. Respect of schedules and budgets, attendance and constancy of your entire group allowed quality work.

We wish to emphasize on the quality of work and customer service of all your dedicated, dynamic and professional team and we recommend Les Constructions G. Gagné to any company that wants to move forward successfully.

Looking forward to working with you again in a near future! -Sébastien Roger

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Les Constructions G. Gagné inc. works and evolves as a General Contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our company is proud to have been given the highest distinction by the Qualité Habitation Guarantee and also recieved all the credentials for Novoclimat constructions.

The President, Guillaume Gagné, has been working in construction since he was young. The experience he acquired over the years has allowed him to develop a critical and thoughtful eye for detail as each phase is executed.

As a graduate in Civil Engineering, M. Gagné has acquire over the years very strong organizational skills. This, along with his team’s support, allows him to manage well any large project they undertake.